Steve and Kerri Deitsch sitting with a client signing paper work

Deitsch & Deitsch Professional Referrals


Deitsch & Deitsch, PLLC is proud to be a law firm of choice for many physicians with patients injured in motor vehicle and other accidents, seeking help with Florida PIP and other personal injury claims.

For more than two decades our attorneys have been fighting for our Medical Provider clients. From the county court to the Florida Supreme Court we have handled every type of PIP case conceivable. Aggressive and efficient, we seek to quickly compensate our doctors with the insurance proceeds they lawfully deserve. We know how important cash flow is, and we are dedicated to quickly making your funds available to you, not the insurance company. We employ experienced trial attorneys who are committed to your rights and who can be counted on for years to come. Our process is hassle free, often involving little of a provider’s employees manpower, yet resulting in enormous dividends.

Public Adjusters

Deitsch and Deitsch works hand-in-glove with Public Adjusters, Water Damage cleanup companies, Home Repair pros and other contractors dealing with insurance claims. Public Adjusters refer cases to Deitsch and Deitsch knowing that we will ethically protect their interests as required by Florida Law, and that they will never have to worry about funds being illegally dispersed against their interest.

Even more importantly you can expect Deitsch and Deitsch to reflect well on you by treating your clients with the type of respect and professionalism that they receive from you. We help explain the process and can often achieve results quickly and without any cost to the client. We are eager to speak with anyone you refer, and consider referrals from professionals such as yourselves the highest honor.