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Deitsch & Deitsch Are Your Royal Palm Beach, South Florida Estate Attorneys

At Deitsch & Deitsch, we believe that everyone should take a little time out of their busy lives to prepare a proper will and do some practical estate planning.

By working with experienced estate lawyers like ours, you can develop and document a detailed plan for how your will & estate will be handled when the time comes.

And we can tell you, based on more than 18 years of legal experience; effective estate planning can and usually is a critical component in preserving family peace and harmony during the difficult aftermath of a death in the family.

We believe that all Floridians — not just rich folks — deserve the kind of peace of mind and protection that affordable, effective estate planning can bring.

We urge you, protect your family.

Prevent Florida from dividing up your assets as determined by current state laws, rules and regulations.

Preserve & protect all you’ve worked so hard for so many years to build.

With the help of our caring, experienced Deitsch & Deitsch estate law attorneys, you can prepare a will plus other documents that keep decision-making about your family’s future, in your hands.

What is an Estate?

An estate is everything you leave behind upon your death.There’s the obvious stuff. Your house, apartment and/or any other real estate holding you may have acquired over the years.

Remember, it’s not just South Florida real estate you want to consider. Your last will & testament needs to account for absolutely all of your real estate holdings, anywhere on Earth — or at least the ones you want to have a say over the fate of after you’re gone.

Then there are any and all financial assets. Everything from bank accounts of every possible kind, to retirement accounts, to all forms of brokerage and investment accounts.

Then there are your personal possessions. Anything you own that is still worth something, or that you want to pass along anyway, goes into this basket. Cars and other motor vehicles, any art collections or other collectibles of value or import — whether that value is financial, emotional, or both.

It all comes down to “taking stock” of the material things in your life, taking inventory of all your worldly possessions and other “valuables|” of various kinds. Then the question is, what’s genuinely important to you? What do you want to leave to share with family members or friends after you’re gone?

Working with a compassionate, kind, estate lawyer is going to make the entire process easier. At Deitsch & Deitsch we want to help you understand how it all works, and what your range of choices is.. We’re here to help you plan for — and secure — your family’s finest possible future.

Last Will & Testament Planning

If you don’t make a will the state makes one for you. Creating a well written, properly witnessed last will and testament can offer you peace of mind. Stating your intentions in a legal document can save your family unnecessary distress at an already stressful time. If you have minor children at the time of your death, you will address important considerations like the legal care of those children upon your passing.

As seasons of life change it is also best to revisit your last will periodically.

Understanding & Establishing Trusts

Under Florida Law there are several options that can be utilized interconnectedly to protect your assets. Your situation may call for a living or “inter-vivos” trust to be established immediately, Or it may be best given your circumstances to create a trust that comes into existence upon your passing. Here at Deitsch & Deitsch we will help you find out the answers to those questions.